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M.COM Resume Format

M.COM Resume

211, Parijat Co-Hsg. Soc.,
Bldg No. 4, Pratiksha Nagar,
Sion (E), Chennai – 600 002.
     PH NO: +91-90000 00000         
E-mail:- enteryouremail@gmail.com


To secure a challenging position in an organization, where I can effectively contribute my skill and full potential as well as for the welfare and development of the organization.


Date of Birth                      :               4th February, 1987.
Marital Status                    :               Married
Religion                             :               Hindu   


Masters of Commerce from Mumbai University, October 2007.
Bachelor of Commerce from Andhra University, May 2005.


a) Successfully completed a course in Diploma in Computer Studies.
     (Microsoft Excel, Word, Power Point and Internet)

b) Working Experience of Account Package – Quick FA, Tally 5.4, Tally 7.2, Tally ERP9


 Company                            :               Adupu Rao Diamonds & Jewellery Pvt. Ltd
                                                                (Diamond & Jewelry)                                                
Designation                           :               Accounts Executive
Tenure                                   :                Since, 13th October 2015 as on date.

Job Responsibilities

Account Payable :-

Ø  Check SPEC Sheet. (Cost sheet including Metal weight, Gold Lock, Diamond cost, Labour cost)
Ø  Re-checking of PODCB (Purchase order detail cost break up)
Ø  Solving all the spec sheet related queries with all vendors
Ø  Re-checking of Invoice Discrepancy report and send them to Head office (New York) & resolving the query with vendors.
Ø  Researched and resolved billing and invoice related issues.
Ø  Updating customer portal & preparing Templates of customer
Ø  Maintain ledger of stock sent on memo basis (Chain, Diamond & finding)
Ø  Maintain ledger of Gold sent in advance
Ø  Reconciliation of Stock on monthly basis (diamond, chain, finding & gold)
Ø  Ensured input and timely payment of all vendor invoices.
Ø  Resolves collection and invoice discrepancy matters.
Ø  Setup and maintenance of vendor database.
Ø  Daily interaction with vendors.
Ø  Coordinated with head office for approval processes of all accounts payable invoices.
Ø  Other duties as requested by Head office
Ø  Maintaining of Petty Cash Book
Ø  Maintaining Petty Cash Vouchers
Ø  Updating Petty Cash book on a daily basis
Ø  Handling Petty Cash safely
Ø  Verification of types of expenses bills & Vouchers 
Ø  Maintaining & checking import ledger file (duty working)

Costing :-

Ø  Workout costing for each order
Ø  Monthly customer wise margin analysis
Ø  Pricing (Diaspark Proposals)
Ø  Pricing (preparing customer sheets)
Ø  Re-pricing as per customer requirement
Ø  Working on re-pricing quarterly for selected customers

Accounting :-

Ø  Invoice Entry in the Accounting Software
Ø  Verification of the expenses Invoices freight bills, customs bills & Amex credit bill etc.
Ø  Assisting to the Reporting manager for Audit etc.
Ø  Processed Month End closing and reports.
Ø  Assisted in Month End Closing and Year end close.
Ø  Accuracy in the Accounting of Transactions
Ø  Reconcile statements to ensure that any outstanding items are paid
Ø  Reconciliation of Bank statement
Ø  Prepare Overdue Statement
Ø  Vendor scrutiny
Ø  Vendor expenses entries
Ø  Checking all the memo invoices adjustment done properly before the month close
Ø  Making necessary entries in Package
A] Purchase Invoice booking
B] Vendor expenses booking
C] Entries in style component memo
D] FOC adjustment entries (diamond, chain & finding sent on memo basis)
E] Entries in Purchase credit Invoice
F] Entries in Style component memo return
G] Vendor Payment entry
H] Journal Entry

Preparing MIS reports :-

Ø  Supporting the reporting manager while discharging the duties assigned
Ø  Doing Order Margin report (for costing purpose).
Ø  Style wise margin analysis report (when required)
Ø  Reconciliation of AP
Ø  Preparing Reports as and when required by management

Account Receivable :-

Ø  Sales Invoice Accounting
Ø  Re-checking of all the memo billing entries
Ø  Re-checking all the credits and Memo returns entries
Ø  Re-solving all the queries related to credits and memo return
Ø  Bank Deposit Entries on daily basis
Ø  Check application for all customers
Ø  Passing customer credit/Misc Invoice as an when required
Ø  Following-up for approval related late fees/penalties /allowance etc.
Ø  Following-up with customers for check related queries
Ø  All the major customers Memo reconciliation on monthly basis
Ø  Quarterly basis confirmation of open memo statement for small customers
Ø  Following –up with Customer with any discrepancies in Reconciliation
Ø  Update customer portal
Ø  Online open case with customers  for any discrepancy
Ø  Checking Trail balance of Major customers

Previous Company             :               Ayush Diamond Co. Pvt. Ltd.
                                                                (Gems & Jewelry)                                    
Designation                          :               Accounts Executive (Complete handling accounts Payable)
Tenure                                  :               1st, April 2008 to 30th Sept 2015

Job Responsibilities

Account Payable

Ø  Working of Commission
Ø  Workout costing for each order
Ø  Monthly customer wise margin analysis
Ø  Following up and solving discrepancies with vendors
Ø  Co-ordinating between Vendor’s and NY office for various issues.
Ø  Follow up with vendors for weekly payment confirmation
Ø  Maintaining advance Gold file.
Ø  Follow up with vendors to update spec sheet with necessary changes.
Ø  Checking the purchase invoices and approve the bills for payment.
Ø  Keeping track record of Chain, diamond, finding and gold sent in advance.
Ø  Updating online customer portal.
Ø  Bank Reconciliation
Ø  Preparing AP weekly outstanding report on every Tuesday.
Ø  Handling Petty cash
Ø  Checking and entering all the expenses related invoice and approve the same.
Ø  Keeping track record of all invoices has been entered in our system by concern person.


Ø  Purchase Invoice booking
Ø  Checking invoice DCB before shipment and sending the confirmation to our vendors
Ø  Checking Invoice DCB after shipment
Ø  FOC entries (all diamond, chain & gold which supply on memo basis
Ø  Diamond ledger by Vendor
Ø  Entries in Purchase credit invoice
Ø  Records of Negotiated orders
Ø  Order margin on daily basis.

Ø  Track the emails while pricing a product
Ø  Pricing (Diaspark Proposals)
Ø  Pricing (preparing customer sheets)
Ø  Re-pricing as per customer as per there requirement
Ø  Working on re-pricing quarterly for selected customers
Ø  Reconcile PJ style # v/s customer SKU#
Ø  Reconcile PJ style # v/s Vendor SKU#

Preparing MIS Report:-

Ø  Doing Order Margin report (for costing purpose).
Ø  Style wise margin analysis report (as an when price get affected)
Ø  Worked out selling price of every style of Jewelry in Dias park Package.
Ø  Doing MIS Report as per Instructed by management.

Accounts Receivable

Ø  Making Cheque Receipt Entries on the System
Ø  Voucher entry of Sales Credit, Sales Invoice, Memo Return, Memo Sales etc.

Ø  Vendor expenses entries
Ø  Provision of expenses (accrued exp)
Ø  Interest Calculation
Ø  Preparing Prepaid expenses File
Ø  Preparing Accrued expense file
Ø  Customer Profitability margin
Ø  Month End Journal entries
Ø  Preparing month end report (it is just for finding whether the entries are in proper GL code or not. Because certain entries go directly to wrong GL)
Ø  Checking all the invoices adjustment done properly before the month close

Ø  Helping in doing working of AR/AP report (fund flow)
Ø  Preparing Sales/Purchase details (DTC)
Ø  Related party Sales/Purchase details (DTC)
Ø  Reconciliation of AP
Ø  Working on open memo cost details

Previous Company            :              Cobra Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.
                                                                Pharma Manufacturing
Designation                         :               Accounts Officer.
Tenure                                 :               June 2006 to Mar 2008

Job Responsibilities

Ø  Preparing of monthly Debtors & Creditors Report.
Ø  Preparation of Invoices in system
Ø  Checking the Invoices and removing the payment of clients
Ø  Collection of payment from customer against outstanding Invoices.
Ø  Preparation of Bank reconciliation’s
Ø  Preparing monthly Bank statement
Ø  Doing necessary entries of purchase, expenses, cash receipt & payment in system.
Ø  Preparing monthly VAT & Sales tax details summary as required by CA
Ø  Assisting to senior accounts in finalization.

Company                            :              Silivelly Product Pvt. Ltd.
Designation                         :               Accounts Assistant,
Tenure                                 :               April 2005 to Feb 2006

Job Responsibilities
Ø  Preparing Invoices in system.
Ø  Preparing of monthly outstanding report Debtors & Creditors.
Ø  Dispatching the goods.
Ø  Maintain stock register
Ø  Checking the Invoices and removing the payment of clients
Ø  Voucher entry in the system.


  • Patience and Punctual
  • Flexibility
  • Ability to learn new things
  • Finishing the Tasks in the given timeline.
  • Having good Knowledge in Ms-Office. Ms word, MS excel Pivot, V-look up etc


HOBBIES                              :               Reading Books & Listening Music
LANGUAGE KNOWN         :               English, Marathi & Hindi.

I declare that the information given above is true and correct to the best of my Knowledge and hope to get a chance to work under your kind control.

Place                     :               Mumbai
Date                      :              

                                                                                                                                                (DANGETI NAGA SUKUMAR)

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