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                       Seeking a challenging and rewarding career as SAP FICO Consultant in a reputed organization where I can utilize myself at optimum level.


                      A Financial services professional with 2 year 4 months experience in Accounts & Audit works. Exposed to various Accounting and Taxation works. I have good knowledge in configuration, implementation,ASAP methodology and validation etc..,


       ✓     FI-GL: Configuring and Customizing of Enterprise structure, Financial Accounting global                   setting, General Ledger Accounting.
✓     Accounts Payable: Configuring and Customizing customer A/c group, vendor master data,                   Automatic Payment Program, house bank customization and check management.
       ✓     Accounts Receivable: Configuring and Customizing customer A/C group, Customer master                 data, Configuring Dunning areas and dunning procedure.
       ✓     Assets Accounting: Configuring and Customizing of Assets, Maintaining of Asset master                     data, Acquisitions, Retirements, Transfers, Revaluation of Assets and Depreciation Run.
               Integration:            FI Integration with MM.
                                            FI Integration with SD.
✓      Maintaining Controlling area.
       ✓     Knowledge on new GL Account.
       ✓     Basic knowledge in CO-PC,CO-PA, CO-PCA


ERP Package             :    SAP R/3 – ECC6.0
Operating Systems    :      windows
Packages                   :    MS Office, Tally ERP9.0


       ✓    Working as a Accounts and Audit Assistant in Sunny  & Associates, Hyderabad  May 2015 to July 2017. 


           ✓    M.Com (Accounts) from Andhra University school of Distance Education, A.P.
           ✓   B.Com (Computers) from Adikavinannaya University, A.P. 

      Principal accountabilities:

             ✓   Scrutiny of general ledger and ensuring that all the audit requirements are met and                               compliment to required standards.
             ✓   Dealt with various audits like Statutory Audit, Internal Audit, Tax audit.
                   Filing of income tax and service tax Returns.
             ✓    Exposed to Statutory Audits of Andhra Bank and State Bank of India:
                                             Review of Secretarial records.
                                             Verification of various Loan documents.
                                             Physical verification of Gold and Cash.
             ✓    Fully accounts verification and dealt with audit of BSNL Employees Co-operative credit                      society ltd and DRDA (District rural development agency) audit in one of district in Andra                  pradesh.

        Personal profile:

        Father’s Name            :     
        Date of Birth              :     
        Nationality                 :      Indian.
        Marital Status             :      Single
        Languages Known     :      English, Telugu, Tamil.
        Address                      :      8-60, Anna 10th cross street, TMP nagar, Ambattur, Chennai-600054


                I hereby declare that the above furnished information is authentic to the best of my knowledge.

        Date    :
        Place   :

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        Resume Writing Guide for SAP Modules

        Creating a compelling resume for SAP roles requires a strategic approach to showcase your skills, experience, and expertise. Whether you specialize in SAP FICO, MM, SD, or any other module, follow this comprehensive guide to craft a standout resume:

        1. Understand the Job Requirements

        Thoroughly review the job description to identify key skills and requirements for the specific SAP module. Tailor your resume to align with the employer's expectations.

        2. Craft a Clear and Targeted Objective

        Begin your resume with a concise objective that clearly states your career goals and the specific SAP module you specialize in. Make it evident how your skills match the needs of the role.

        3. Highlight Your SAP Skills

        Create a dedicated section to showcase your SAP skills. Include both technical and soft skills relevant to the specific module. Use keywords from the job description to grab the recruiter's attention.

        4. Professional Summary

        Write a compelling professional summary that highlights your experience, achievements, and contributions in SAP projects. Showcase your ability to solve business challenges using SAP solutions.

        5. Showcase Relevant Experience

        Detail your work experience, emphasizing roles and projects related to SAP. Quantify your achievements and showcase the impact of your contributions. Highlight any experience with SAP implementations, configurations, and system integrations.

        6. Educational Background

        Include your educational qualifications, focusing on degrees or certifications related to SAP. Mention any specialized training or coursework that enhances your SAP expertise.

        7. Certifications

        List any SAP certifications you have obtained. Certifications add credibility to your resume and demonstrate your commitment to staying current with SAP technologies.

        8. Tailor Each Resume for the Role

        Customize your resume for each job application. Highlight specific experiences, skills, and achievements that align with the requirements of the particular SAP role you're applying for.

        9. Use Action Verbs

        Start bullet points with action verbs to create impactful and concise statements about your accomplishments. This makes your resume more dynamic and engaging.

        10. Include a Technical Skills Section

        Devote a section to list your technical skills, specifying your proficiency in SAP modules, databases, programming languages, and any other relevant tools. This provides a quick overview of your technical capabilities.

        11. Incorporate Industry Keywords

        Integrate industry-specific keywords into your resume to pass through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and increase visibility. These keywords can be related to both SAP and the industry you are applying for.

        12. Keep it Concise

        Maintain a concise and well-organized resume. Aim for a two-page document that presents your information clearly. Focus on quality rather than quantity.

        13. Proofread Carefully

        Ensure your resume is free of grammatical errors and typos. A polished and error-free resume reflects your attention to detail, a crucial quality for SAP professionals.

        By following these guidelines, you can create a compelling resume that showcases your SAP expertise effectively. Remember to adapt each resume for different roles and stay updated on industry trends to continually enhance your SAP skills.

        SAP FICO Consultant Resume:

        How to Write & Tips for SAP FICO Consultant Resume:

        • Objective: Tailor your objective to the specific role, highlighting your expertise in SAP FICO and how it aligns with the organization's needs.
        • Professional Summary: Showcase your achievements and projects, emphasizing your ability to drive positive outcomes through SAP FICO implementations.
        • Key Skills: List technical and soft skills relevant to SAP FICO, showcasing your proficiency in both module-specific and general business skills.

        SAP FICO Consultant Resume Example:

        Objective: To secure a challenging position as an SAP FICO Consultant where I can leverage my comprehensive understanding of financial processes and SAP FICO expertise...

        Professional Summary: Results-driven SAP FICO Consultant with [X years] of experience implementing, configuring, and maintaining SAP FICO modules...

        Key Skills:

        • SAP FICO Implementation
        • Financial Accounting (FI) and Controlling (CO) Modules
        • Configuration and Customization
        • Financial Reporting
        • Cost Center Accounting
        • Asset Accounting
        • Integration with other SAP modules
        • End-user Training and Support
        • Data Migration and Validation

        SAP FICO Resume Format:

        How to Write & Tips for SAP FICO Resume Format:

        • Objective: Clearly state your career goals, emphasizing your commitment to compliance, effective financial solutions, and business process optimization.
        • Professional Summary: Highlight your experience in SAP FICO processes and your ability to analyze complex business requirements.
        • Key Skills: Showcase your technical proficiency and familiarity with various SAP FICO modules and their functionalities.

        SAP FICO Resume Format Sample:

        Objective: To pursue a challenging role as an SAP FICO professional, applying my in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in SAP FICO modules. Dedicated to delivering effective financial solutions, ensuring compliance, and optimizing business processes...

        Professional Summary: Experienced SAP FICO specialist with a comprehensive understanding of financial accounting and controlling processes. Proficient in SAP configuration, customization, and module integration. Adept at analyzing complex business requirements and implementing solutions to enhance financial operations...

        Key Skills:

        • SAP Financial Accounting (FI)
        • SAP Controlling (CO)
        • General Ledger (GL)
        • Accounts Payable (AP) and Receivable (AR)
        • Tax Configuration
        • Financial Reporting
        • Bank Accounting
        • SAP FICO Integration
        • Data Migration
        • End-user Training

        SAP MM Fresher Resume:

        How to Write & Tips for SAP MM Fresher Resume:

        • Objective: Clearly state your ambition to contribute to the effective management of materials within SAP, emphasizing your educational background and enthusiasm for optimization.
        • Professional Summary: Showcase your motivation, quick learning abilities, and passion for understanding end-to-end supply chain processes.
        • Key Skills: List your foundational knowledge in SAP MM and highlight your proficiency in key areas such as procurement, inventory management, and documentation.

        SAP MM Fresher Resume Example & Skills:

        Objective: Seeking an entry-level position as an SAP MM (Material Management) professional, leveraging my educational background in [Your Relevant Degree] and enthusiasm for process optimization. Dedicated to learning and contributing to the effective management of materials within an SAP environment...

        Professional Summary: Motivated SAP MM fresher with a strong foundation in procurement, inventory management, and logistics. Quick learner with a passion for understanding end-to-end supply chain processes. Eager to apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios and contribute to organizational success...

        Key Skills:

        • SAP MM Basics
        • Procurement Processes
        • Inventory Management
        • Material Master Data
        • Vendor Management
        • Purchase Order Processing
        • Goods Receipt and Invoice Verification
        • SAP MM Configuration (basic)
        • Documentation and Reporting

        SAP SD Fresher Resume:

        How to Write & Tips for SAP SD Fresher Resume:

        • Objective: Clearly express your eagerness to kickstart a career in SAP SD, emphasizing your focus on order-to-cash processes and customer-centric solutions.
        • Professional Summary: Showcase your interpersonal skills, commitment to understanding sales processes, and readiness to apply theoretical knowledge in practical scenarios.
        • Key Skills: Highlight your understanding of SAP SD basics, order processing, pricing, and your ability to manage customer relationships effectively.

        SAP SD Fresher Resume Sample:

        Objective: Aspiring SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) professional eager to kickstart a career in the field of order-to-cash processes. Utilizing my educational background and passion for customer-centric solutions, I aim to contribute to the efficient management of sales processes within SAP environments...

        Professional Summary: Recent graduate with a focus on SAP SD processes, order management, and customer relationship management. Strong interpersonal skills and a commitment to understanding the intricacies of sales processes. Ready to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios and grow within a dynamic organization...

        Key Skills:

        • SAP SD Basics
        • Order Processing
        • Pricing and Billing
        • Sales Document Configuration (basic)
        • Customer Relationship Management
        • Shipping and Transportation
        • Availability Check
        • SAP SD Reporting
        • Documentation and Communication

        SAP Resume for Freshers:

        How to Write & Tips SAP Resume for Freshers:

        • Objective: Clearly state your goal to secure an entry-level position in SAP, expressing your commitment to learning and contributing to successful implementations.
        • Professional Summary: Emphasize your enthusiasm, fresh perspective, and dedication to continuous learning as you embark on your career in SAP.
        • Key Skills: Showcase your foundational knowledge in SAP, including business process understanding, system configuration basics, and your eagerness to learn and collaborate.

        SAP Resume for Freshers Example:

        Objective: To secure a challenging entry-level position as an SAP professional, combining my educational background and eagerness to learn. Committed to contributing to the successful implementation and optimization of SAP solutions within a forward-thinking organization...

        Professional Summary: Enthusiastic SAP fresher with a foundation in SAP modules such as [Specify Relevant Modules]. Quick learner with a passion for understanding business processes and system configurations. Ready to embark on a career in SAP, bringing a fresh perspective and a dedication to continuous learning...

        Key Skills:

        • SAP Basics
        • Business Process Understanding
        • System Configuration (basic)
        • Data Migration
        • End-User Training and Support
        • Problem-solving
        • Communication Skills
        • Team Collaboration
        • Eagerness to Learn

        SAP FICO Fresher:

        How to Write & Tips SAP FICO Fresher:

        • Objective: Clearly express your goal to apply your educational background in finance and accounting in an entry-level SAP FICO position.
        • Professional Summary: Showcase your foundational knowledge in financial accounting, cost controlling, and system configurations, emphasizing your readiness to learn and contribute.
        • Key Skills: Highlight your proficiency in SAP FICO basics, financial analysis, and your collaborative and learning-oriented approach.

        SAP FICO Fresher Resume Format Example:

        Objective: Seeking an entry-level position as an SAP FICO professional to apply my educational background in finance and accounting. Eager to learn and contribute to the effective management of financial processes within an SAP environment...

        Professional Summary: Recent graduate with a focus on SAP FICO modules. Strong foundation in financial accounting, cost controlling, and system configurations. Aiming to build a career in SAP FICO, leveraging academic knowledge and gaining practical experience in implementing financial solutions...

        Key Skills:

        • Financial Accounting (FI)
        • Cost Controlling (CO)
        • General Ledger (GL)
        • Accounts Payable (AP) and Receivable (AR)
        • SAP FICO Basics
        • Data Analysis
        • Team Collaboration
        • Eagerness to Learn

        Resume Headline for BCom Freshers:

        How to Write & Tips for Resume Headline for BCom Freshers:

        • Objective: Express your eagerness to learn, contribute, and gain practical experience in finance, aligning your goals with the organization's objectives.
        • Professional Summary: Emphasize your academic foundation, teamwork, and goal-oriented mindset.
        • Key Skills: Highlight soft skills such as communication, time management, and attention to detail, complemented by any technical skills acquired during your studies.

        BCom Freshers Headline Example:

        Objective: Aspiring BCom graduate seeking an entry-level position where I can apply my academic knowledge, strong analytical skills, and eagerness to learn. Aim to contribute to the success of a dynamic organization while gaining practical experience in the field of finance...

        Professional Summary: Recent BCom graduate with a solid foundation in accounting principles, financial management, and business communication. Proven ability to work collaboratively in team environments and a commitment to achieving organizational goals. Eager to apply academic learning to real-world scenarios...

        Key Skills:

        • Financial Accounting
        • Business Communication
        • Data Analysis
        • Team Collaboration
        • Microsoft Excel
        • Time Management
        • Attention to Detail
        • Quick Learner