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Cell: +91-900000000

Career Objective:

                   Accepting the challenge of today's fastest developing industry by utilizing all the knowledge, skill, and experience.

Worked as part-time Employee:

•    Handling petty cash Expenses & Reporting. 
•    Generate client billings for various projects.
•    Perform daily entry of accounting and weekly perform checking &                  updating.
•    Office maintains.
•    Travel arrangements.
•    Basic book keeping.


Personal Qualities:

•    Ability to work independently both with minimal supervision as well as in a team.
•    Quick decision making.
•    Good command over calculation.
•    Quick learner.
•    Loyal towards work & duties.
•    Can work under stressed condition.
•    Good communication skill.

Computer Knowledge:

•    Well versed with MS Office.
•    MS Excel, power point.
•    Internet browsing.
•    Microsoft outlook.

Educational Background:

•    BBA from Karnataka University with 71.17% in 2014-15.
•    PUC from PU Board Karnataka with 81.17% in 2011.
•    SSLC from SSLC Board of Karnataka with 83.20% in 2009.


Extra-Curricular Activities:

•    Participated in state-level scouts.
•    Participated in Dance competition.
•    Got second place in badminton group-level competition.

Personal Details:

Father’s Name            :     
Date of Birth              :     
Nationality                 :      Indian.
Marital Status             :      Single
Languages Known     :      English and Telugu.
Address                      :      8-60,Anna 10th cross street,TMP nagar,
                                             Ambattur, Chennai-600054


                    I confirm that the information provided by me is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Place: Chennai  


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Best Career Objective for BBA Students :

1. Strategic Management Enthusiast:

Objective: To leverage my BBA education in strategic management, honed analytical skills, and innovative mindset to contribute to organizational growth and success. Aspiring to explore opportunities in strategic planning and execution within a dynamic business environment.

2. Marketing Maven in the Making:

Objective: A passionate BBA graduate seeking a challenging role in marketing. Eager to apply my knowledge in market research, brand management, and digital marketing to drive impactful campaigns and contribute to the overall success of a forward-thinking organization.

3. Finance Professional with a Flair:

Objective: To pursue a career in finance where I can apply my BBA specialization in finance and accounting. Eager to develop financial strategies, conduct risk analysis, and contribute to the fiscal health of a reputable organization.

4. Human Resources Innovator:

Objective: An aspiring HR professional with a BBA background, aiming to contribute to organizational success by fostering a positive workplace culture. Eager to apply my skills in talent acquisition, employee relations, and organizational development to drive HR initiatives.

5. Operations Excellence Seeker:

Objective: Seeking a challenging role in operations management to utilize my BBA education and problem-solving skills. Aspiring to streamline processes, optimize efficiency, and contribute to the seamless functioning of an organization.

6. Entrepreneurial Spirit with a BBA Edge:

Objective: An ambitious BBA graduate aspiring to channel my entrepreneurial spirit into creating and managing business ventures. Eager to apply my knowledge in business planning, finance, and market analysis to drive the success of my own ventures.

7. Supply Chain Dynamo:

Objective: To apply my BBA education in supply chain management to optimize logistics, reduce costs, and enhance overall supply chain efficiency. Seeking opportunities to contribute to the strategic planning and execution of supply chain operations.

8. Information Technology Integrator:

Objective: A BBA graduate with a passion for merging business acumen with technology. Seeking a role where I can apply my knowledge in business information systems, data analysis, and technology integration to drive innovation and improve business processes.

9. Customer-Centric Sales Professional:

Objective: A BBA graduate eager to embark on a career in sales, with a focus on customer relationship management. Aspiring to leverage my communication skills and business knowledge to drive sales growth and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

10. Global Business Leader in Training:

Objective: To build a career in global business management, leveraging my BBA education and multicultural experiences. Aspiring to work in a dynamic international setting, contributing to strategic decision-making and fostering global collaborations.

11. Operations Research Enthusiast:

Objective: Seeking a role in operations research to apply my BBA education in data analysis, statistics, and decision-making. Eager to contribute to optimizing processes, improving efficiency, and solving complex business challenges through strategic analysis.

12. Corporate Social Responsibility Advocate:

Objective: A socially conscious BBA graduate passionate about corporate social responsibility. Seeking opportunities to integrate ethical practices into business operations, contribute to sustainability initiatives, and make a positive impact on both society and the bottom line.

13. E-commerce Strategist:

Objective: To leverage my BBA background in e-commerce management. Seeking a role where I can apply my knowledge of online business strategies, digital marketing, and consumer behavior to drive the success of e-commerce initiatives and enhance the customer experience.

14. Business Analyst in Technology:

Objective: A BBA graduate with a keen interest in technology-driven business solutions. Eager to work as a business analyst, applying analytical skills to interpret data, identify trends, and provide insights that contribute to strategic decision-making in the technology sector.

15. Health Care Management Aspirant:

Objective: Seeking a career in healthcare management to blend my BBA education with a passion for improving healthcare delivery. Aspiring to contribute to the efficient operation of healthcare facilities, strategic planning, and healthcare policy implementation.