How to Prepare Mini Project/Project, Documentation for Mini Project/Projects, Mini Project Presentation etc..,

Preparation of own effort project is a complex job and time taken process. In most cases, all the MBA students not interested to show do own project and they are preferred to Copy but it’s not at all help to your career. You already know these things and it’s also fine some more extent. Doesn’t copy full content of others, give some effort of yours then see how looks your project?

Now, I will tell step by step Process, how to prepare good project? The first thing is to understand what you need out of the project and Think Is it help to your career or not.

Here are 9 things you need to Observe before going to start your project:
  1.  Selection Of good Title/Project
  2.  Objectives of the study
  3. Questionnaire
  4.  Research Methodology and Sample design
  5.  Limitations of the study
  6. Industry and company profile
  7.  Data analysis and interpretation
  8.  Findings and suggestions
  9. Conclusion

 1.      Selection of good Title/Project:

Selection of Good Title/Topic is most important because whole project depends on Title of the project. Most of Projects are not Successful because of Title of the Project. Student may fail to select Good Title for the project. Good Title of the project should give the reader an idea of what the research/your project is about.

2.      Objectives of the study:

It’s also important to understand that a project has more than one objective, It is therefore important to understand relative importance of each objective and define scope for them.Objective are main key role to the Project. 

3.      Questionnaire:

Without Questionnaire we can't do any project. Questionnaire is most important for the project because by based upon questionnaire only, we have to implement all those above mentioned Steps. The questions that you develop for your questionnaire should be clear, concise, and direct and make sure your questionnaire must be looks professional. Use an online site, such as This Website allows you to write your own questionnaire with their survey builder, and provides additional options such as the option to buy a target audience and use their analytics to analyse your data.
First, figure out who you will be providing questionnaires to - who is your audience for obtaining the sample responses? Use multiple choices, typically 4-5 suggested answers for each question.
Think of questions that give you the conclusions you need, and make sure people can only
 answer "yes" or "no."

4.      Research Methodology and Sample design:

This should outline how your research was conducted, which methods you used, types and numbers of people that were involved. This Research methodology explains overall research of the project like which city your conducting and Sample size of respondents and which source of data using whether Primary source data or secondary source data or both.

These below explained points are main important to the Research methodology and sample design:

Sampling Frame:
This Sampling frame may be particular collective group or society. For example, It may be students as particular group or business persons as particular group or employees as one particular group or others (or All of those)

Primary data:
It is first hand data, which are selected as a fresh and That one must be original in character.

Secondary data:
The secondary data has been collected from company’s website, newspapers, Books, Articles etc..,

Sample size:
You should mention your Sample size of  the Project. It may be 45, 50, 100, 250, Etc.., Sample Size may Differ from project to project.Sample Size may be Depend upon available persons  near to you or Before starting of the project,you may fix one number (i.e. 45, 50, 130, 250 etc..,) and do with the limit number of people when source of available is more.

5.      Limitations of the study:

Every Project has its own limitations as like some of respondents were not ready to fill the questionnaire because they feel shy or difficult to find respondents as they busy in their schedule or some of them were not ready to come out openly etc..,

6.      Industry and company profile:

It is most important to Consider in your project because you must know that what is history/Background of the company and it's founders before going to depth in your project. In this step you should consider in which year company has established? Who are Promoters? What its capital, Residential place of business and history of company etc..,In this step you can use Secondary data for getting results good.

7.      Data analysis and interpretation:

Whatever we got information from questionnaire, we should analyse the project by way of  Analyzing numerical values/Percentages and Representing in graphs for the purpose easy understanding. As far as empirical studies are concerned, data interpretation can help to draw conclusions from collected data, support decision making, and contribute to better process, product, and quality models. With the increasing availability and usage of data from projects and empirical studies, effective data interpretation is gaining more importance.
You can have variety of data which can be used in presentations. Some of these type include :
Time Series Data
Bar Charts
Combo Charts
Pie Charts
Tables etc..,

8.      Findings and suggestions:

Findings is a section indicates facts and figures collected. this is the main section of the report where you present your data and your findings. Findings nothing but what you found loopholes of taken-up project. It is often split into thematic sub-sections based on your research question(s) and data.

9.      Conclusion:

This section, which is usually quite brief, should summarise the key messages and offer a conclusion to the research report.

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