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Java Experience Resume


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Career Objective:

                         To pursue a growth-oriented career with an organization where my Technical Skills along with my creative thinking will contribute to the organization’s achievements and growth.


Career Summary:






Software Developer

August 2015

December 2015



March 2016

Till Date

•    Having 1 year of experience in Java programming language with good knowledge in Java platform, Android Technology, and backend MySQL side.
•    Worked in Full Life Cycle of software including coding, testing and UAT phases.
•    Analytical thinker who consistently resolves ongoing issues/defects.
•    Experience in debugging an application using the debugging tools provided by the MyEclipse IDE, Android Studio, Sublime Text3.


Educational Qualification:

Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology 
AITAM College, JNTU University, Andhra Pradesh  2015.

DNS Junior College  2011.


Technical Skills:

•    Extensively worked on Android SDK and ADT.
•    Good Knowledge in Android Framework, J2SE and J2EE.
•    Experience in working on Multi-Thread, JSON parsing & XML parsing, and Web Services.
•    Knowledge in SQLite and Realm.
•    Knowledge in Google Maps V2 Integration.
•    Worked on Networking call using Volley, Retrofit libraries in android.
•    Knowledge in Networks connectivity using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi.
•    Knowledge on Integrations like Facebook, Twitter and Google.
•    Sound Knowledge on UI Layouts and Controls.
•    Experience in using Material Design for application UI.
•    Worked on Cross-Platform Ionic framework.
•    Knowledge in FCM, GCM for push notification from Server.
•    Experience in developing Chat Application.
•    Testing and modifying codes for quality.

Project Summary:

#Project-1 (CV Adoptable Operation)

Link: (


Description    :    

                             Agricultural machinery contains resources from the Agricultural Engineering as well as educational material. This application help for decision making in the planning and operation of a farm fleet by deciding the size of farm power needed for timely execution of the planned field operations; the processes are based on estimating the workdays and dry off available for the field work size with respect to the constraints of prevailing climate, soil, crop type and mechanized operation and available labor.

Contribution    :    Developer
Team Members    :     1
Duration        :     1 Months
Role         :    Developer, Designer and Tester

•    Analyzing understanding the Client requirements.
•    Prepare Detail Design.
•    Used SQLite and Shared Preferences.
•    Tested .apk file in all android mobile.


#Project-2 (TSBIE Center Search)

Link: (


Description    : 

                           TSBIE Center Search application for all Intermediate students to search their location and navigate them from present location to their exam centers.

Contribution    :    Developer
Team Members    :     3
Duration        :     15 Days
Role         :    UI Designing, Map Integration and Testing

•    Analyzing understanding the Client requirements.
•    Prepare designing using Material Design.
•    Used Map Integration.
•    Prepared Test Cases and tested the application.
•    Tested .apk file in all android mobile.


#Project-3 (Online pujari)

 Description    :    

                              Online Pujari Application is for searching the nearby purohit’s of our location and contacting with them based on categories (Homam, Puja, and Ceremony).

Contribution    :    Developer
Team Members    :     6 (Including PHP developers for Web Application)
Duration        :     2 Month
Role         :    Team Lead for Mobile application

•    Analyzing understanding the Client requirements.
•    Used Networking calls Volley library.
•    Used Material Design for UI design.
•    Used RecyclerView, Card View.
•    Used AsynckTask, JSON Parsing.
•    Tested .apk file in all android mobile.

#Project-4 (DNS Application)

Description    :   

                                         DNS Application is for connecting all the society people of their Apartment. Modules involved are Communication for getting the updates of society, Notification for getting updates of their apartment, polling for giving their opinion, Services for providing services available nearby location, Personal Information to store their personal, family info, Society Connect to know people present in the apartment and Group Chatting with the people present in their apartment.

Contribution    :    Developer
Team Members    :     8 (Including Java developers for Web Application)
Duration        :     3 Months
Role        :    Programmer

•    Analyzing understanding the Client requirements.
•    Used Networking calls Volley library.
•    Used Material Design for UI design.
•    Used RecyclerView, Card View.
•    Used AsynckTask, JSON Parsing.
•    Used FCM for developing Chat Application.
•    Tested .apk file in all android mobile.



                          I hereby declare that the information and facts stated above are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.


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