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I am a Certified Software Architect with 8 plus years of experience in developing Web based enterprise applications with special interest in server side services, tools/libraries, frameworks and presentation services. 

I have Java/J2EE experience with focus on reusable component/service development. 
Primary technology interests Core Java, J2EE, Frameworks like Spring, Hibernate, Flex (AS3.0), 
Strong experience in Hibernate, Spring MVC, SAX, DOM, JAXB, JMS, ANT, LOG4j, Spring, JUnits 
Brief web service implementation using JBoss JAX-RPC and RESTEasy 
Experience in memory profiling and performance tuning using tools like JProfiler, JConsole 
XP methodology, Agile Development, and Design patterns 
Presentation layer design and programming on HTML, XML, XSL, JSP, JSTL and Ajax (DWR, Dojo) 
Server side scripting Perl/CGI, PHP and TCL/TK 
Worked and Lead large and small teams for development of Web based Enterprise Applications. 
Worked in all stages of Software Development Lifecycle. 
Experience in gathering requirements from the application users or functional team. Formulate the requirements and develop the system design using UML artifacts. 
Strong communication skills, high leadership and initiative. 
Mentored junior team members and fresh engineers. 


Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science


DNS Inc., 20XX – Till Date
Software Architect / Lead Engineer
I joined the Platform team that works on providing the infrastructure layer with the middle-tier functionality and presentation layer infrastructure that is responsible for dynamic meta-data driven UI generation. DNS Inc. has been providing tools for Retail Industry, with its Pricing, Promotion, Deal Management and many such niche products, for over a decade. 

Development Environment: 
Spring, Hibernate, Flex, Flex Builder, DB2, Maven, JUnit, Flex Unit, XML 


  1. Custom Components/Services – Components designed for reuse over DNS’s SaaS platform.
  2. Rendering Engine and Component Factory – For providing a uniform rendering strategy, definite lifecycle stages and mechanism for extensibility, 
  3. Swiz Framework – MVC framework to separate concerns and structural components in the design. 
  4. FlexUnit, FlexMojos – For Maven integrated Unit testing of Flex’s non-visual classes or services. 
  1. Guiding the Application Team’s entity design to ensure maximum leverage out of the ORM layer and JPA best practices.
  2. Reviewing Application team’s Entity Relationship Model to ensure optimal engineering approach was being followed. 
  3. Re-Factoring of the legacy code to introduce declarative transaction and integrate with the new infrastructure services. 
  4. Introduction of audit logging interceptors and security filters. 
Biz Object Layer – Custom Business object layer used as an abstraction to support any underlying ORM technology. My contribution was in helping the core developers try out various Use Cases that made sense from the UI Infrastructure perspective. The idea was to make it a perfect abstraction.

Spring Enablement – Most of the services were manually instantiated and wired together to form a complex mesh in the DNS legacy platform. With the new infrastructure I introduced the Spring based architecture for the newly designed UI Infrastructure services to interact with the legacy services.

ABC Technologies, 20XX – 20XX 
Principal Engineer / Software Architect 

BI framework is generic application framework designed on top of Unity platform for extracting, transforming and viewing reports as charts 

Development Environment: 
XML, Jaxb, JAX, Spring, Hibernate, Flex, Flex Builder, Unity Platform, RESTful Web services


Chart Controller Web Services – Developed a hierarchy of controllers, with generic interfaces, and default implementations, exposed as RESTful Web services, with Chart Specific parameters passed as query string. 
BI Controller – Java classes working together with XML transformation layer, to transform data received from the data providers. 
Summarization Service - For synchronization of Transactional data with archived data, the Java layer services used to intercept the main transactional classes were re-factored to provide a general interception layer for any kind of transactional data in the system. 
Managing India based team of 5 developers. 

ABC Technologies, 20XX – 20XX 
Principal Engineer / Software Chief Architect 

This was project in which a customer required a custom designed rich internet application for order creation that could work from a retail point of sale location. 

Development Environment: 
Spring, Hibernate, Flex, Flex Builder, Unity Platform, JBoss/Flex Web-Services Platform, BalzeDS remote service endpoints 


Implemented a sophisticated configuration module entirely programmed in Flex POJO based domain model integrated with Hibernate ORM for persistence
Action Script coded front end logic for product configuration.
Integration of Spring Portlet Framework with the Flex based custom components
Flex based web service clients interacting JAX RPC style remote services 

XYZ Technologies, 20XX – 20XX 
Lead Engineer / Software Architect 

Supply Chain Profile is a centralized view into the current state of supply chain network for a community deployed on Unity Platform. 

Development Environment: 
Spring, Hibernate, Flex, Flex Builder, Unity Platform, BalzeDS 


Gathering business requirements and translating them into technical specifications.
Integration with the J2EE Services layer of Unity Platform, using Spring application context.
POJO based domain model integrated with Hibernate ORM for persistence Aggregation of data based on the summarized data of Supply Chain
Backend model for aggregation of data restricting computations to the backend.
Configured BlazeDS remote service endpoints coded in Java to provide framework for asynchronous RPC communication between clients and Java services.
Spearhead the Adobe Flex/Action Script Technology Adoption
Proof Of Concept for certain data driven real time reporting tools
Adoption of technology for RIA interfaces for the application 

ABC Technologies, 20XX – 20XX 
Lead Engineer/ Software Architect 

Synchronization Engine is a service that balances the supply chain by matching the demands with the supplies and inventory. 

Development Environment: 
Spring, Hibernate, Unity Platform 


Software Design and Implementation of algorithm provided by the business analysts and optimized it for performance and memory consumption.
Implemented multi threaded synchronization processes, with JMS queues for consumption of Asynchronous requests.
Implemented the Concurrent Task executor using the java.util.concurrent.Executor and other utilities.
Integrated the Second Level cache from EHCache Implementation for managing recurring requests for improving the performance of the synchronization engine.
Implemented the interceptor based summarization service, defining Point Cuts for all the critical data persistence transactions, triggered during the business transactions. 

ABC Technologies, 20XX – 20XX 
Lead Engineer/ Software Chief Architect 

It’s a SaaS model, multi-tenancy, Community Supply Chain Management application platform that aims to change how the web based Supply Chain Management software applications look and function. 

Development Environment: 
Spring, Hibernate, JBoss, JMS, JIBX, XML, JBoss Rules, JBPM, Junit 


Implemented the XML Based Templates Document Model, using the deploy time tools like Ant, to generate schemas based on the XML definition templates.
Used Hibernate for programmatically generating the data base tables and HBM mapping files, for the community data model setup at the time of deployment.
Designed and implemented the XML based definition and model generation engine for the UI Framework for dynamic rendering of views (server-side layer),
Initial design and proof of concept for custom rules framework implemented on top of JBoss Rules, for defining and executing business rules for the communities.
Implemented the abstract template classes for the Junit testing framework for testing the platform services. 

ABC Technologies, 20XX – 20XX 
Senior Software Engineer 

Development Environment: 
5.3 and 6.0, Java 5.0, JConsole, JMX, Spring, Jini, RMI, C#.NET 


Refactoring the applications to leverage platform for customers
Identifying the gaps in the current architecture and desired architecture.
Breaking down applications into modules that could be configured as processing units.
Defining the SLA based constraints on the grid for performance. 

ABC INC, 20XX – 20XX 
Senior Software Engineer/ Technical Lead 

Development Environment: 
Server 5.0, Apache Tomcat 5.5, Spring 1.2, Hibernate 3.0, MySQL 5.0, Junit 3.8, Dojo 1.3, Spring MVC, JAXB, Perl/CGI and AJAX 


Requirement Gathering and Analysis
Development from Pilot to Production
Design Implementation of the Administration Web Module.
Spring, Hibernate and Dojo Frameworks based development. 

ABC Inc, 20XX – 20XX 
Software Engineer / Software Chief Architect

Enhancement of high-volume, rules driven business transaction manager that supports the validation, processing, routing, tracking and management of the lifecycle of security, cash and FX trades.
Product features enhancement and refactoring
XML Message parsing and validation features implemented
Unit Tests and System Tests for the use cases.

ABC Inc, 20XX – 20XX 
Software Engineer 

Code Enhancement for the real-time report generating DES scripts to make them compatible with the upgraded business logic and working environments.
Managed backup, recovery and verification 


Languages: JAVA 1.5, ActionScript 3.0, Perl/CGI, PHP, TCL/TK

Front End Technologies: Flex with BlazeDS, HTML, JavaScript, JSP, DHTML, AJAX

Presentation Frameworks: Spring MVC, Cairngorm and Swiz Frameworks for Flex

J2EE: JSP, Servlets, JMX 1.1, Web Services, SOA, JPA, XML, XSD, BlazeDS, Server Technologies: Jboss4.2.3, Pramati Server, Tomcat

Databases: DB2, Oracle XE, Oracle 11g/10g, MySQL

IDEs: Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA

Tools: Clear Case, Junit, HttpUnit, TOAD, JConsole, JMX, Jini, Drools, JBPM, JBoss JMS

Grid Cloud Computing: Gigaspaces XAP, Hazelcast

Software Architect Resume Examples

Software Architect Resume Examples

Software Architect Resume Examples
Software Architect Resume Examples

Senior Software Architect

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