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Project Associate

Department of Electrical Engineering






The career objective for electrical engineer is to work in a challenging environment demanding all my skills and efforts to explore and adapt myself in different fields and realize my potential where I get the opportunity for continuous learning.




Department of Electrical Engineering, 20XX – Present

Project Associate

Developed robust MPEG encoder in MATLAB and C that performs streaming of live videos over wireless network
Set up a wireless link, supporting radio data rate up to 250 kbps for transmission of images and small sized video using TELOS B motes on TINY OS platform using JAVA
Developed H.261 video encoder and decoder on MATLAB Platform
Performed study of JSVM (Joint Scalable Video Model) for h.264 compliant bitstream generation and transmission
Currently developing H.264/SVC codec to achieve video streaming of live events on campus wireless infrastructure

Department of Electrical Engineering, 20XX – 20XX

Project Fellow

 Developed GUI for transmission and reception of digital images over AWGN and RAYLEIGH channel with noise filtering mechanism at the receiver on MATLAB Platform

Performed extensive work in video motion estimation, morphological image processing, aliasing, transform coding, 2D sampling, filtering and interpolation

Developed JPEG encoder and decoder on MATLAB platform




 MATLAB (Expert, 3 years)

 HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT (Medium, 6 months)

 C (Advanced, 2.5 years)

Verilog (Familiar, 3 months)


Tools and Libraries


Visual Studio – Eclipse – Dreamweaver - Xilinx IDE – Cygwin - GNU Scientific Library - Open CV – JRTP


Operating Systems


·         Windows - 7, Vista, XP, Linux – Ubuntu




Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering (Percentage - 70.02 %), College of Engineering and Technology, 20XX – 20XX

Intermediate (Board, Percentage – 79.4 %), Public Inter College, 20XX

High School (UP Board, Percentage – 65.8 %), High School, 20XX





·         Developed MPEG encoder with scalability feature. Generated bitstream can be decoded up to 3 spatial resolutions depending on the receiver requirement and bandwidth availability

·         Added RTP functionality to encoder using JRTP library so as to complete a working model of the SVC codec for video streaming of live events on the campus wireless infrastructure

·         Platform Linux/Windows, Tools – Eclipse/Visual studio, Language – C (Started with MATLAB)




Tracking Using MATLAB, 20XX – 20XX

Designed and constructed moving object tracking system on MATLAB with ATMEGA 16 microcontroller controlled movable webcam

Permanent Magnet DC Motor, 20XX – 20XX

Constructed and designed microcontroller based speed control system for permanent magnet DC Motor

ABCD, 20XX – 20XX

Constructed an autonomous robot capable of solving mazes with the help of IR sensors using ATMEGA 16 microcontroller

ABCD Follower, 20XX – 20XX

Constructed an automatic robot capable of traversing black line on white background using microcontroller ATMEGA 16

Transformation, 20XX – 20XX

Worked on a business model which can be implemented in rural sector for employment generation and solve as well as energy problem using biogas



ABCD Limited, Telephone Exchange, 20XX – 20XX

 Undergone summer training on working of telephone exchange

Training on MATLAB SOFTWARE, 20XX – 20XX

Undergone summer training on basic knowledge of MATLAB Software

Enterprises Development Institute, 20XX – 20XX

Undergone training on BUSINESS SKILLS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME on basic qualities of an entrepreneur & how to set up an enterprise



 Published a national level technical paper on ‘Electromagnetic Suspension’ in The Education & Research

Published a national level technical paper on ‘Moving Object Tracking Using MATLAB




General Secretary, (Student Based Electronic Society of College), 20XX – 20XX

Organized events: BULLZ AND BEARZ (Virtual stock market event), SKEP TORING (To build structure using provided material), YAMAHA DAY, QUIZ, Technical Paper presentation

 Organized Industrial Trip to NTPC Dadri

 Conducted hand’s on workshop on Robotics

Inspired students for experimental learning attitude towards engineering


Coordinator (Metal Storm - Inter College Robotic Event) 20XX


·         Managed overall task for successful conduction of the event




·         Won prize in a manual robotic event

·         Initiated a technical environment in the college by introducing technical competitions like GLADIATOR’, a Manual Robotics competition and various technical competitions for the first time. Ensured high participation of students respectively

·         Won 1st prize in an Advertising event

·         Won 1st prize in ‘DEXTERITY- Assembling & Disassembling of Machines’

·         Secured RUNNER UP position in ‘CAPTIVITY’ event

·         Participated in TECHKRITI ‘08, Technical festival

·         Participated in robotic event at SHAASTRA ‘07, Technical festival

·         Participated in Techfest NEXUS 20XX




Reading Books – Internet Surfing – Solving Sudoku – Listening to Music




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Electrical Engineering Resume Examples

Electrical Engineering Resume Examples
Electrical Engineering Resume Examples
Electrical Engineering Resume Examples

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