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Definition of Mobile phone:-
The cellular telephone (commonly “mobile phone” or “cell phone” or “hand phone’) is a long range portable electronic device used for mobile communication. In addition to the standard voice function of a telephone, current mobile phones can support many additional services such assessor text  messaging, email, switching for access to the Internet, &MMS for  sending and receiving photos and video. Most current mobile phones connect to a Cellular network of  base stations, which is in turn interconnected to the public switched telephone networks phones. Cellular telephone is also defined as a type of short-wave analogue digital  telecommunication in which a subscriber has a wireless connection from a mobile telephone to a relatively nearby transmitter. The transmitter's span of coverage is called a cell. Generally, cellular telephone service is available in urban areas and along major highways. As the cellular telephone user moves from one cell or area of coverage to another telephone is effectively passed on to the local cell transmitter. A cellular telephone is not be confused with a codeless telephones.

The second step of marketing research process calls for developing the most efficient plan for gathering the need information. While designing a research plan we have to take decisions regarding data sources, search approached, search instruments, sampling etc. there are two plan contact which are as follows:-
There are two type of data source:

  1. Primary data
  2. Secondary data
Primary data :
Personal interviews are conducted which enable collection of oral verbal response. This is fact to face contracted with structured or sometime even unstructured patterns. This helps in obtaining indent information.

Secondary data :
Secondary data can be obtained from different magazines and annual reports, financial documents referred.

Survey are best suited for descriptive research companies which undertake surveys to learn about people’s knowledge, preferences, satisfaction etc. to measure these magnitude in general population. While observation and tours are best suited for exploratory research which is not the case of our study.

Questionnaire: A Questionnaire is prepared and uses to collect the information. The majority of questions are close ended. Questionnaire is distributed to people to know about their preferences, quality, demand etc. this is one of the easiest method of collecting information.

After deciding on the research approach and instrument, we must design a sampling plan. This plan calls for three decisions
Sampling unit: - Here we define what is to be surveyed i.e. the target population that will be sampled. In our case the journal public in cities & towns come under the sampling unit.
Sample size: - Large sample give more reliable results. In our study 100 customers were surveyed in NABHA.
 Sampling Procedure: - area sampling is using because it is not practically possible to visit all places of India therefore NABHA chosen for survey.

In this decision is taken that how the object should be contacted i.e. whether by mail questionnaires, telephone, interviews. In our research personal interview is the most convenient and reliable method.

The data collection phase of the marketing research is most expensive and most error prone process. There can be error some respondent can give biased or dishonest answer from collection of information. The researcher personally goes to customer to collect the reliable data. Here all knowledge of the researcher about that field comes to test the ingenuity of the research.
Here we got the experience of working professionally and independently on the road which gives some taste of practical marketing. We also got a lot exposure about the market. The present study undertake is descriptive in nature and in this study questioning people with regular expertise in that are being used.

1. Name ______________________
2. Gender  
   ○ Male           ○ Female
3. Age
     □ 10-20                  □ 30-50
     □ 20-30                  □ 50 & Above
4. Marital Status
     ◊ Single                  ◊ Married
5. Educational Status
    □ Matric                  □ 10+2
    □ Graduation      □ Post-Graduation
6. Occupation
     ◊ Self Employee     ◊ Professional
     ◊ Student                 ◊ Others
7. Income Level
    ◌ < 10000                ◌ < 20000
   ◌ < 40000                 ◌ > 40000
8. Contact No: ________________                                 
9.E-Mail ID: ___________________

  • Which model is best   ?
              □ Nokia
              □ Samsung

  • Why do you prefer Nokia or Samsung?
       ∆ Best features                 ∆ Best look
       ∆ Best Quality                    ∆ Price

  • Which provide you better touch?

  • Which among has more features?
            Ὸ Nokia
            Ὸ Samsung

  • Are you satisfied with price of Nokia or Samsung?
             ⌂ Yes
             ⌂ No

  • Which among these provide you better after sale service?
             ∆ Nokia                                                                                             
             ∆ Samsung

  • What will be more preferred in Nokia LUMIA 800 than Samsung NOTE?
           ⌂ Lumia price less then Samsung Note
          ⌂ Look    ⌂ Weight

  • Which provide good battery back-up?
           ⌂ Nokia       
           ⌂ Samsung

  • Which provide more accessories with it?
      ○ Nokia                                        
      ○ Samsung

  • Which would you prefer for business point of view?
      ◊ Nokia                                        
      ◊ Samsung

  • Which among these have more models & designs?
      □ Nokia                                                    
      □ Samsung

  • Which gives better camera clarity?

  • Which gives more GPRS speed?
      ∆ Nokia                                        
      ∆ Samsung

  • Which cell companies have better sound quality?
      ⌂ Nokia                                                    
      ⌂ Samsung

  • Which company provides best Dual sim cell phones?
            ⌂ Nokia              ⌂ Samsung

  • Which companies provide better 4G/Wi-Fi services?
            ◊ Nokia                                        
            ◊ Samsung

  • Which mobile is comfort carrying?
            ◊ Nokia                                                          
            ◊ Samsung

  • Which company provides a more models with touch screen & keypad?
             ⌂ Nokia                                                           
             ⌂ Samsung 

  • Which company provides better flap cell phones?
             ⌂ Nokia
             ⌂ Samsung 

  • Which company provides more Service sale counter nearby?
             ○ Nokia                                                
             ○ Samsug

  • Which companies have a more cell memory storage?
              ○ Nokia                                                          
              ○ Samsung

  • Which companies have technical maintenance & additional (like long life)?
                □ Nokia                                                     
                □ Samsung

  • Which are the reasons for using the NOKIA LUMIA 800 or SAMSUNG NOTE?
              ◊ WAP                                                    ◊ GPRS functions
              ◊ Just to talk on it                        ◊ Receive email & Mms
              ◊ Download files                          ◊ others

  • Why you like brand you choose above?
          ∆ Advertisement                               ∆ Appearance
          ∆ Functions                                       ∆ Price
          ∆ Brand Name                                  ∆ Quality

  • What kind of model you prefer?
           ⌂ Slim                                ⌂ Medium
            ⌂ Thick                              ⌂ Light
            ⌂ Large                              ⌂ Heavy 

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