MBA Mini Project - “BRAND AWARENWESS OF DOMINOES PIZZAS IN RAJAHUMDRY” Download - Resume Samples & Projects download now MBA Mini Project - “BRAND AWARENWESS OF DOMINOES PIZZAS IN RAJAHUMDRY” Download - Resume Samples & Projects download now

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It consists of two phases they are the reliability of managerial decisions depends upon the quality of data. The quality of data can be expressed in terms of its representative feature of the reality which can be ensured by the usage of fitting data collection method.
This data can be classified into primary data and secondary data.The data which is collected from the field under the control and supervision of an investigator is known as primary data. It is made by the self-made and self-managed questionnaire. The simple random sampling was used. And sample size is 50. And my samples are customers of spacers of Rajahmundry.
The data which is collected from journals, magazines, annual reports of companies, etc ., then such data is called secondary data.
MBA Mini Project
Food diversity in India is an implicit characteristic of India’s diversified culture consisting of different regions and states within. Traditionally, Indians like to have home-cooked meals – a concept supported religiously as well as individually. However, with times due to increasing awareness and influence of western culture, there is a slight shift in food consumption patterns among urban Indian families. It started with eating outside and moved on to accepting a wide variety of delicacies from world-over. Liberalization of the Indian economy in the early 1990s and the subsequent entry of new players set a significant change in lifestyles and the food tastes of Indians. Fast food is one which gained acceptance of Indian palate after the multinational fast food players adapted the basic Indian food requirements viz. vegetarian meals and selected non-vegetarian options excluding beef and pork totally from their menu. Multinational fast food outlets initially faced protests and non-acceptance from Indian consumers. This was due to primary perception that these fast food players serve only chicken and do not serve vegetarian meals  perceived expensive besides being out-of-way meals in Indian culture. Today, fast food industry is getting adapted to Indian food requirements and is growing in India. It is gaining acceptance primarily from Indian youth and younger generations and is becoming part of life. Keeping in view the Indian habits and changing preferences towards food consumption, this study has its focus to understand the factors affecting the perception of Indian youth, in the age group of 20-30 years, towards consumption of fast food as well as towards making choice of fast food outlets. Fast food is a very fast growing industry in world as well as in India especially in urban areas (small and large cities). However, not much research literature is available on fast food preferences of consumers’ especially young consumers in India.
The pizza industry is a highly competitive and mature market. There are over 150 well known Pizza franchises, which account for about 60% of the market.11 the top ten pizza franchises are shown in Figure E. Along with the well-known franchises there are an unknown number of local pizzerias throughout the world. New franchisees and smaller pizzerias are continually opening, which create more competition throughout the industry.
Domino's Pizza is an American restaurant chain and international franchise pizza delivery corporation headquartered at the Domino Farms Office Park (the campus being owned by Domino's Pizza co-founder Tom Monaghan) in Ann Arbour Charter Township, Michigan, United States, near Michigan. Founded in 1960, Domino's is the second-largest pizza chain in the United States (after Pizza Hut)and the largest worldwide, with more than 10,000 corporate and franchised stores in 70 countries. 

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