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                     This  marketing project  deals with  how to deal with Dealer.The study focuses on the Dealers' Satisfaction while dealing in pearl bottling. More specifically, the satisfaction level of Dealers as a result of effective management of channels of distribution will be analysed in this chapter
MBA Mini Project
                                    In this process, both the concentrate and the purified water has mixed along will carbon dioxide gas and then bottled. In the soft drink field, only reasonable glass bottles are sterilized to make them sparkling clean, before the beverage is filled in the for this purpose, the company makes use of machine known as ‘BOTTLED WORKER’. For cleaning up of the bottles, washing chemicals such as caustic soda sand Tri-sodium phosphate are used.


Firstly, visage is a representative of soft drink market, which is highly promoting with a lot of potential, which is apt to be tapped.

Secondly, the behavior of the retailer is very much influenced by the additional benefits he is getting for selling the products having. Thirdly, to understand the market condition of the sof t drinks in the present scenario and the competition level in the market. Considered the key role of the retailer in present day market as an attempt was made to study the impact of company’s schemes of offering coolers to the retailers.


The Indian soft drink industry has been growing at a healthy average 12% per annum. The industry sells millions of crates every year giving sales revenue of cores the per capita consumption of soft drink is certain to expand. Hence, the manufacturers are making innovations in production & the distribution process as well as in advertising & creating new kind of attractive packaging to accelerate their growth. Soft drink market is very vast like an ocean as the demand is enormous, day-to-day changes in tasters, fashions, trends, etc., lead to tap the unexplored markets. However it is a pity that to have our own indigenous soft drink brand name of Indian origin through the length and breadth of the country.

Consumers adjust purchasing behavior based on their individual needs and interpersonal factors. In order to understand these influences, researchers try to ascertain what happens inside consumer’s minds and to identify physical and social exterior influences on purchase decisions. On some levels, consumer choice can appear to be quite random. However, each decision that made has some meaning behind it, even if that choice does not always appear to be rational. Purchase decisions depend on personal emotions, social situations, goals, and values.

In modern days, market plays a vital role in rapidly changing industrial scenario. The marketing decline is undergoing reappraisal in the light of vast goals, technological, economic and social changes being faced by the today companies. The order to known the changes in the field of marketing it are necessary to conduct market survey.


  1. To know the various promotional, selling and distribution strategies adopted by PEARL BOTTLING PVT LTD
  2. To analyze the reasons of selling Pepsi at retailers level.
  3. To study the dealers satisfaction.
  4. To find out the ways to enhance the sale of Pepsi.

  • The Sample Size is limited.
  • The scope is very limited, because attitude & expectations of the people change according to the time & situation.
  • The study is conducted only for 45 days.
  • The study is restricted to the certain area, so it could not give whole picture about Andhra Pradesh or India.

The requisite data been gathered through two important sources:
  1. Primary Data
  2. Secondary Data 
Primary Data:
Information, which has been gathering for the first time, called as primary data. PRIMARY DATA is data that has not been previously published, i.e. the data is derived from a new or original research study and collected at the source, e.g., in marketing, it is information that is obtained directly from first-hand sources by means of surveys, observation or experimentation.
Secondary Data:
Secondary data is the data collected by others, for the purpose other than the solution at hand. As for the study of secondary data was collected from company reports, reference books, magazines, newspapers, trade and Govt. publications and various books and records from the marketing departments. As the study aims at finding out the customer satisfaction, it needed to conduct a survey. The required collected with help of a questionnaire schedule.

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