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What Is Difference Between Tally ERP and SAP ERP ?

DifferenceHuge difference in Tally and SAP, very important point to remember both them has their own values, strengths and weaknesses. Tally is basic ERP software whereas SAP is advanced ERP software. 

Both of them Tally ERP and SAP ERP started their journey as an Accounting software in the year 1986 and 1972 respectively.
Tally is code-less ERP System developed with a core proprietary engine and a Software Development Kit namely Tally Definition Language (TDL)

SAP ERP System developed with high core proprietary engine like ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) Program.

Full form
SAP - Systems Applications & Products in data processing.
TALLY - Total Accounts leading list year.
SAP is globally accepted ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning)
Tally is Mostly Preferable in India and some of other countries.
Belongs to which country
SAP ERP is German Based company
Tally ERP is Indian based company
SAP was founded by Five former IBM employees in the year 1972.
Tally was founded by late Shri S.S.Goenka in the year 1986.
SAP have so many modules like FICO, AA(Asset Accounting),HR(human Resources),MM(materials management), PLM(product life cycle management), PP(Production planning),QM(Quality Management), SD(Sales and distribution), ABAP, BI(Business Intelligence) Etc..,
Tally is standard Software and no Module concept in Tally.
Which size of companies prefers ERP’s
SAP is Mostly useful for large based organizations and companies
Tally is Mostly useful for small and medium size Companies.
Cost of maintenance
Cost of maintenance and implementation is very high.
Cost of maintenance and implementation is very very low as compared to SAP.
SAP implementation and integration involves long process, time, planning, cost etc. It cannot be implemented in short period of time.
Tally product can directly buy from online and read instructions and use it easily.
User friendly environment
SAP Software not much user friendly and some of professional candidates (Consultants) need to Execute the software and Dealing with Accounting transactions.
Tally is absolutely user friendly.
Transaction codes
SAP is big product and have lot of enhancements So for going easy way, Transaction Codes must be used for performing any task.
No Matter of Codes at all in Tally ERP.
Language Code
SAP  Customization or standard version code in through ABAP Program
Tally code written in Through TDL(Tally definition language)
Learning of SAP Course is very difficult and Costly Affair.
Learning of Tally is very easy and Tally is simple and intuitive to learn and to operate. Tally doesn’t require any professional training. Not much Costly affair.
SAP Consultant/Employees can earn more and more salary as above IT Persons
Tally persons get very low salary as compared to SAP Consultants.
Operating keys for posting transactions
In SAP Debit and Credit keys controlled by Posting keys.
In Tally, can directly enter which are Dr and Cr items.
Advance Features
SAP have Advanced features like automatic cheque printing, payments can block, setup authorization etc.,
Not many advanced Features like SAP Product.

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